Eventos en Camaguey - 6th “Young Creator” Salon of Visual Arts
20 JAN

6th “Young Creator” Salon of Visual Arts

An exhibition of young art in Camagüey, a space for dialogue and cultural exchange.

Eventos en Camaguey - José Antonio Aponte in Memoriam Meeting
25 JAN

José Antonio Aponte in Memoriam Meeting

A place to study and revisit the history of Cuba and its links to slavery.

Eventos en Camaguey - Week of Camagüey culture
02 FEB

Week of Camagüey culture

This traditionally takes place in the first week of February to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the settlement Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. It is one of the main cultural events in the province.

Eventos en Camaguey - Meeting of Writers
03 FEB

Meeting of Writers

Every year it brings together writers and intellectuals related to the universe of books and reading.

Eventos en Camaguey - The Sounds of Camagüey
06 FEB

The Sounds of Camagüey

Emblematic bands in the Cuban music scene perform concerts during this two-day event.

Eventos en Camaguey - Book Fair
06 MAR

Book Fair

The Book Festival in Cuba takes place every March with book presentations, meetings with authors and the sale of national and international books.

Eventos en Camaguey - Tinajón Festival
20 MAR

Tinajón Festival

It was first held in November 2007. It combines all cultural expressions and it was the initiative of the famous Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez.

Eventos en Camaguey - Provincial Music Festival
20 APR

Provincial Music Festival

An ideal opportunity to get close to the professional and amateur musicians responsible for the most authentic music traditions in the region.

Eventos en Camaguey - International  Videoarte Festival
22 APR

International Videoarte Festival

The video art festival brings together the best Cuban artists in this genre to spread awareness of this audiovisual art form.

Eventos en Camaguey - 16th National “Sonido de mi Ciudad” (My City’s Sound) Rock Festival
15 MAY

16th National “Sonido de mi Ciudad” (My City’s Sound) Rock Festival

The main bands in the country and guests from abroad meet in Camagüey for several days of concerts and a chance to discuss their profession.

Eventos en Camaguey - National Film Critic Workshop
21 MAY

National Film Critic Workshop

The most select film critics in the country meet every March in the city at an event that examines current Cuban and international cinema in conferences, workshops and seminars accompanied by an extensive showing of several types of films from different countries.

Eventos en Camaguey - 44rd Theatre Festival
30 MAY

44rd Theatre Festival

The most prestigious theatre groups on the island take to the stage every two years to wow the Camagüey audience, who are always keen on enjoying top-level performances at this competitive event.

Eventos en Camaguey - Rumbatéate (rumba festival)
01 JUN

Rumbatéate (rumba festival)

The festival of rumba and dance comes to the city. Dance presentations, shows and concerts are its main attractions.

Eventos en Camaguey - San Juan Camagüeyano carnival
01 JUN

San Juan Camagüeyano carnival

As a traditional festivity it has excelled since the 18th century. San Juan has transcended time as the most popular festival in the region. It starts on 24 June every year and lasts a week. People can enjoy dancing, colourful processions of floats, comparsas (humorous and satirical songs), congas and neighbourhood music bands that recreate the African essence of the festival.

Eventos en Camaguey - 7th National Symposium Tribute to Nicolás Guillén
01 JUL

7th National Symposium Tribute to Nicolás Guillén

An event that brings together the most important Cuban and foreign experts of Nicolás Guillén’s work.

Eventos en Camaguey - 16th National Literary Crusade Event
06 AUG

16th National Literary Crusade Event

The youngest artists in the country go on a tour of the main cities and communities to share their work with the locals.

Eventos en Camaguey - Camagüey National Theatre Festival
01 OCT

Camagüey National Theatre Festival

One of the best-known festivals in Cuban and Caribbean theatre.

Eventos en Camaguey - Audiovisual Festival in Close-up
01 OCT

Audiovisual Festival in Close-up

An exhibition of the latest audiovisual productions in the region.

Eventos en Camaguey - Provincial Popular Art Fair
18 OCT

Provincial Popular Art Fair

The large fair for craftwork lovers. Local producers and others from all over the country come to Camagüey to promote their work.

Eventos en Camaguey - Image Storage Audiovisual Fair
23 OCT

Image Storage Audiovisual Fair

The young Cuban creators come together to dialogue and promote all areas of audiovisual creation.

Eventos en Camaguey - Flower Festival
01 NOV

Flower Festival

Competitive meeting that brings together writers and intellectuals from the centre and eastern part of the country.

Eventos en Camaguey - Provincial Dance Festival
01 NOV

Provincial Dance Festival

Dance shows, workshops and promotion spaces take place on several days, bringing together the most important companies in the country.

Eventos en Camaguey - 7th Young Trova “Canto Adentro” Festival
08 NOV

7th Young Trova “Canto Adentro” Festival

The youngest troubadours come to Camagüey for concerts and to enjoy exchanges with the audience.

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