An island for every dream

City or beach... just define a style
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Discover the place you like best on the island and enjoy a special price for dreamers with Meliá Cuba. Up to 35% discount on online bookings with added benefits in the summer: the best beaches, legendary cities, tours steeped in stories and passion...

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There’s something special about Havana

Experience this wonder city on its 500th anniversary
Come and explore!

Few cities in the world can compare with Havana, where the sunlight flooding every corner creates something truly magical. The city whose heart beats to the rhythm of music is getting ready to celebrate its 500th anniversary and we’d love you to join in the festivities by staying at one of our hotels in the capital. Declared a World Cultural Heritage Site and a Wonder City of the Modern World, Havana and its classic Malecón, unique architecture and friendly locals are just waiting to be discovered.

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Paradisus Princesa del Mar... Where you want to be

Now more luxury... and it’s free
Book now to benefit! Upgrade for FREE to a Royal Service suite + Free Wifi

At Paradisus Princesa del Mar you will now be welcomed with a fantastic gift voucher for your stay on the most famous beach in Cuba. Upgrade to a Suite in our Hill Top section, with access to its exclusive pool, plus free internet.

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Paradisus Los Cayos

Feel the peace
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Stage the event of your dreams

Meliá Internacional
Discover it

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Heritage cities of Cuba
Come and visit!

The people of Cuba are its heart and soul. Their stories, anecdotes and traditions are an inspiration to the world. Being curious and enthusiastic about embracing another culture is what drives people to travel. This is why we are offering you the chance to visit the heritage cities of Cuba through its people.

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The Level at Meliá Las Américas

Always in line with your dreams
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Resort Credit by Paradisus

Where you want to be
Up to 1000 USD extra for your trip

Enjoy the benefits of Resort Credit at Paradisus Cuba. Add some glamour to your stay at our exclusive ecoresorts in Varadero and Playa Esmeralda: exquisite food, spa services and unrivalled Royal Service and Family Concierge areas in wonderful natural surroundings.

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The Level experience

Great holidays in Cuba
Luxury, exclusivity and comfort

For guests seeking a superior level of luxury and sophistication, Meliá Cuba provides our The Level service in a selection of city and beach-resort hotels. Exclusive facilities in an extremely private area affording a highly personalised service with a wealth of details ensure an absolutely exceptional stay in the two most important cities in the country, the famous Varadero beach and Cayo Santa María.

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