Argentina Week at Meliá Cuba

Argentina Week at Meliá Cuba

The flavour of Argentina at Meliá Cuba
Argentina Week at Sol Palmeras has come to stay. From 19 to 24 June 2017, the culture of the Southern Cone will be celebrated once again in Varadero with its usual activity programme. The tango and the milonga, mate and football will combine with the joyful spirit of Cuba and its people to celebrate the wonderful relationship between the two countries. The week will include sports tournaments; live performances by musicians and dancers; exhibitions and fashion shows; cookery classes, cocktail making and food tasting, among many other options.
An ideal opportunity to enjoy the experience of Cuba with an Argentinean flavour.


Time Activity
Caribbean Show
11:00 hrs. Footgolf Championship (beach)
16:00 hrs. Argentina Corner
16:15 hrs. Foam Party in the Pool and Los Guitarreros
18:00 hrs. Start of the Tricks Competition in the Lobby
19:00 hrs. Levitation Performances (Lobby)
19:30 hrs. Tango and Milongas Sax (Lobby)
20:15 hrs. Gravity Party in the Pool
20:30 hrs. First Synchronised Swimming Team
20:45 hrs. Trumpet solo with DJ
20:40 hrs. RAP
20:50 hrs. Second Synchronised Swimming Team
21:05 hrs. Contortionist and Trumpet
21:10 hrs. BMX Bandits
21:20 hrs. Fuego
21:30 hrs. Levitation and Stilts
21:40 hrs. Third Synchronised Swimming Team. Trumpet. Singer, DJ and Stilts
21:50-23:00 hrs. DJ
22:00 hrs. Guitar Concert
23:00 hrs. Fun Pub: Latin Music
11:00 hrs. Footgolf, with prizes (beach)
16:00 hrs. Empanada Pastry Folding Competition
18:30 hrs. Pastry Folding Award Ceremony
18:00 hrs. - Final of the ‘Truco’ (card game) Tournament (lobby)
- Football Tournament Ceremony (beach)
- Argentina Football Song
- Introduction of the Referees and the Rules
20:00 hrs. The duo Armando Enzo and Daniel García (lobby)
20:30 hrs. Daniel García and Sol Arena dance partners
20:35 hrs. Daniel García, singing “Volver”
20:40 hrs. Guitarreros musical performance
21:30 hrs. Dance with the Sonora del Valle orchestra
22:15 hrs. Cuban show
22:00 hrs. Tricks Competition Award Ceremony
23:00 hrs. Fun Pub
10:30 hrs. - Yoga (pool)
- Jogging (beach)
- Sugarcane juice (beach)
11:00 hrs. - Ecological Walk (pool)
- Volleyball (beach)
11:30 hrs. Domino competition
11:15 hrs. - Cuban Games (beach)
11:45 hrs. - Coconut Cream (beach)
12:00 hrs. - Volleyball (pool)
- Ring Toss and Cuban Rum (pool)
- Aquagym (beach)
12:30 hrs. - Typical Cuban Conga (pool)
- Typical Cuban Conga (beach)
13:00 hrs. - Cuban Lunch (opposite the Ron Coco) with party
- Cuban Lunch (beach)
15:30 hrs. - Percussion Classes (pool)
- Ring Toss and Cuban Rum (beach)
16:00 hrs. - Cuban Fashion Show (pool)
- Water Polo (pool)
- Volleyball (beach)
16:30 hrs. - Cocktail Demonstrations (pool)
- Happening (pool)
- Cuban Dance (beach)
17:00 hrs. - Cuban dance classes (pool)
- Football (pool)
- “Hand” Baseball (beach)
18:00 hrs. Quarter Finals of the Football Tournament (with entertainment).
18:30 hrs. Cuban dinner
19:00 hrs. - Sunset
- Minute-long Screenings (Lobby)
20:00 hrs. Period Living Statues (Lobby)
21:00 hrs. Strongman Duo
21:30 hrs. With dancing
21:40 hrs. Fashion Show
22:00 hrs. Tumbata
22:10 hrs. Latin Show with the Guitarreros (Singing “Carnaval”)
23:59 hrs. Fun Pub: Cuban Night
11:00 hrs. Head tennis in the pool
16:00 hrs. Dancing Fashion Show
16:15 hrs. Afternoon on the beach with music and entertainment
17:00 hrs. Foot tennis
18:00 hrs. Final of the football tournament
20:30 hrs. Performances (lobby)
21:30 hrs. Conga round the hotel
22:30 hrs. Football Award Ceremony “Make a Wish” Ceremony (beach)
22:15 hrs. Foam party
11:15 hrs. Games (beach)
16:00 hrs. Mate
18:30 hrs. Los Guitarreros Concert
19:00 hrs. Esmeraldas
19:30 hrs. Performances
22:00 hrs. Latin American & Retro Party
23:00 hrs. Fun Pub
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