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Frequently asked questions

Reservation Process

How to make a reservation:

Step 1:
Select the hotel of your choice on the Home page. Enter the date of arrival and departure, the number of adults and children, and press CHECK RATES.

Step 2:
In the next window, select the type of room and press BOOK.

Step 3:
In the next window, enter your personal information and press CONTINUE

Step 4:
If you accept the terms and conditions, click on the SUBMIT RESERVATION button.

Step 5
In the next window, enter your credit card information and press SUBMIT. At this point, the system will send you an email with information about your reservation, which you should printout and present in the hotel front desk for payment.

How to check availability and prices:

Select the hotel of your choice from any page of the website in the ONLINE RESERVATION box. Enter the date of arrival, departure , number of adults and children and press the SEE PRICES button

I made a reservation and have not received confirmation:

Perhaps you entered the wrong email address. Please contact sales@meliacuba.com

Do I need confirmation from the hotel for the reservation to be valid?

Availability is guaranteed. Confirmation is instantaneous; therefore you do not need confirmation from the hotel.

Can you make a reservation in my name?

No. As part of the booking process you will be requested personal information that only you can provide.

How I can be sure that my reservation is confirmed?

After completing the booking process, the screen will display a window with your reservation code. Simultaneously, you will receive an email with information about the reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation message, please contact us.

How many rooms can be included in the same reservation?

The maximum number of rooms on one booking is 5.

Until what age is a person is considered a child?

Persons from 0 to 11.99 years are considered children. All children from 0 to 2.99 years stay free.

Is it possible to book restaurants before arrival to the hotel?

Some of our hotels allow online reservations, even before the guest’s arrival. If you wish to make a reservation before your arrival, please enter here.

At what time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in: 14:00
Check-out 12:00.

Do you offer discounts to airline employees?

We offer special rates to airline employees, but they must contact the hotel directly.

Payment ways

How do I pay for the reservation?

Payment is made at the hotel front desk on arrival. Customers can pay in cash or with VISA or MasterCard credit cards not issued by U.S. banks. We do not accept debit cards or travelers checks.

Can I pay in advance?

Such arrangements depend on the hotel policy. Therefore, you should contact the hotel directly. The hotel's contact information appears in the confirmation message you will receive after completing the booking.

Can I pay with a credit card other than the ones specified during the booking process?

Yes, your credit card information is required only as a guarantee. You can pay at the hotel however you decide.

Can I pay for the reservation online?

No. At the moment this is not possible. Customers must pay for their reservation
once they arrive at the hotel.

Is there any surcharge when paying with a credit card?

In Cuba credit cards operate in US dollars. Payments made with a credit card carry a 3%. surcharge. Only VISA or MasterCard not issued by U.S. banks are accepted.

To pay, can I use credit cards issued by U.S. banks?

Customer cannot pay with credit cards issued by U.S. banks. However, during the reservation process itself, the customer can specify the number of card issued by a U.S. bank, since this information is required only for security reasons.

I made a reservation yet the amount has not been deducted from my credit card.

Discounts are not made online. Customers must make their payments at the hotel front desk.

Is it safe to give my credit card number on your website?

Your credit card information will be sent only to our reservation partner through a secure connection, using top-notch safe technology, which encrypts all of your personal information, including your card information. The encryption method used is based on standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL), Thawte SSL certificate.

Is my personal information stored safely on your website?

Sol Meliá Cuba is committed to protecting your personal information and privacy. For more details, please read our privacy policy.

Hotel services

What does all-inclusive service I nclude?

All Inclusive service in our resort hotels includes accommodation, meals and beverages (except premium drinks), gym and non-motorized water sports. Services such as hairdressing, laundry, telephone and Internet are available for an extra charge.

How I can coordinate transportation to the hotel?

You can book your transfer using our site www.transfersincuba.com or your flight through www.flightsincuba.com.

Travel Agents

What id the commission of travel agents for bookings?

Travel agents receive a 10% commission on room rates.

Which is the booking process for a travel agency?

t enter your IATA code. Your agency?s data will automatically appear on the booking screen. The agent must only enter the customer?s data and booking details. After entering the customer?s credit card information as a guarantee, the reservation will be confirmed, as well as the amount of the commission.

I am a travel agent but I do not have an IATA code, what must I do to receive my commission?

You should subscribe to our affiliate program. Please visit our affiliates page.

When does the travel agency receive its commission?

Once customers pay the price agreed on arrival at the hotel, the amount of the commission will be transferred to the agency?s account during the first 10 days of the following month.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us by phone at:
Canada: +1 844 428 0385
Spain: +34 91 177 04 76
Germany: +49 030 2238 1859
France: +33 01 76 54 92 57
Rusia: +7 499 705 62 17
Italy: +39 06 97630698
Mexico: +5 2 80 01237086
By email at: info@meliacuba.com or visit contact page.

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