You can try several water-sport activities while you’re staying in the key, including diving and fishing, touring sites of natural interest or visiting unspoilt beaches, like the unbeatable Playa Pilar. A permanent bus tour links all the hotels and places of interest at the Jardines del Rey destination.

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Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Beaches


Beautiful beaches stretch along the northern strip of the keys known for their calm waters and astonishingly peaceful natural environment. One of the best-known beaches internationally is Playa Pilar.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Dolphin Pool in Cayo Guillermo

Dolphin Pool in Cayo Guillermo

A special place where you can delight in dolphins’ acrobatic skills and even swim with them.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Isla Media Luna

Isla Media Luna

This unspoilt landscape off the Cayo Guillermo coastline is perfect for fully immersing yourself in the most exquisite peace or simply for getting close to the destination’s rich ecological diversity.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

The geographical positions of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo beaches make them perfect all year round for this popular water sport.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Diving


Seabeds teeming with life make Jardines del Rey an ideal scuba-diving site that is easily accessible from any hotel or the marinas dotted around the keys.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Coral Reef

Coral Reef

Jardines del Rey key is next to the extensive coral reef in northern Cuba. It’s the second most important in the world due to its size and seabed life, a spectacle that you can admire on walks and guided dives.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Cueva del Jabalí

Cueva del Jabalí

This recreational complex is ideal for watching migratory birds and the funnel-eared bat, a species that can only be seen in Cuba. It also has live performances by bands, a club and dance classes.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Laguna de La Leche

Laguna de La Leche

The dam, near the city of Morón, forms the largest freshwater reservoir in the country. This unique natural environment linked to the sea is a refuge for many native plant and wildlife species.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: La Redonda Lagoon

La Redonda Lagoon

Located to the north of Morón, this reservoir is renowned for its fishing activities. Many trout and snook swim in its waters together with manatees, pond sliders, crocodiles and eels.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: El Bagá Natural Park

El Bagá Natural Park

A beautiful natural park covered by forests, mangrove swamps, canals and coastal lagoons. Visitors can get up close to, interact with and observe native wildlife, enjoy shows and guided tours, or try their hand at various types of fishing.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Flamenco beach

Flamenco beach

Considered one of the finest beaches on Cayo Coco due to the cleanliness of its waters and the beautiful stretch of sand, approximately 3 km long.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Playa Larga

Playa Larga

Situated on Cayo Coco and almost 1 km long, its air currents are ideal for kitesurfing.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Pilar beach

Pilar beach

Bordered by the tips of cliffs and sand dunes of around 15 metres high and almost one kilometre long. This beach owes its name to the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ernest Hemingway, who was a regular visitor to the area on his boat Pilar. Opposite Playa Pilar is the key of Media Luna, a wonderful option for diving.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Forbidden Beach

Forbidden Beach

Playa Prohibida is a beautiful pristine beach where nature and the sea combine in perfect harmony. Ideal for lovers!

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Parador La Silla

Parador La Silla

Just before you reach Cayo Coco along the causeway, this parador is an ideal spot for observing the important mangrove ecosystems, the habitat for numerous colonies of pink flamingos.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: International Marina of Cayo Guillermo

International Marina of Cayo Guillermo

The entry point for private yachts, it has a modern dolphinarium enabling you to swim and interact with its well-trained dolphins.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Thalassotherapy Centre

Thalassotherapy Centre

In a natural environment or with advanced technology, it offers the following treatments: algotherapy, fangotherapy, aromatherapy and thalassotherapy, as well as shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, reflexotherapy and psycho-sensitive massages inspired by the Ayurveda technique or the science of life.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Ciego de Ávila City

Ciego de Ávila City

The city of Ciego de Ávila is one of the most important in the island’s centre. Besides its important architectural history, its strong link with the agricultural production of fruit has made the region internationally famous.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Moron City

Moron City

One of the most famous cities in the centre of the island, Morón invites you to discover its strange history and countless cultural traditions that have defined its cheerful and helpful character.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Ruta del Azúcar

Ruta del Azúcar

Learn about traditional sugar production in Cuba, from the sugar cane fields to the industries that fuelled demand for one of this island’s most famous crops.

Atractivos en Cayo Guillermo: Sitio La Güira

Sitio La Güira

One of the most important recreational areas in Jardines del Rey, its flora and fauna are extremely diverse with around 300 plant species, 236 bird species and land animals.