The idyllic ocean atmosphere of the key is brimming with natural spectacles that complement the dolphinarium, the observation of turtles on nesting beaches or scuba diving. The nearby cities of Havana and Cienfuegos with their historic monuments and culture are also attractive for visitors.

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Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Playas y cayos

Playas y cayos

The beaches of Cayo Largo and its neighbouring keys are stunningly beautiful natural settings. Here in these virtually unspoilt landscapes you can plunge into the deepest peace of crystal-clear waters lapping the whitest sand.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Liberación de tortugas

Liberación de tortugas

One of the key’s most amazing natural spectacles is when baby turtles are released every year to make their way to the sea after a careful reproduction process managed by environmental agencies.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Diving in Cayo Largo

Diving in Cayo Largo

Seabeds teeming with life in the island’s southern sea are the perfect setting for diving and scuba-diving lovers. You can arrange to go on guided tours with professionals at your hotel or the key’s marina.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Dolphin Pool in Cayo Largo

Dolphin Pool in Cayo Largo

A special place where you can delight in dolphins’ acrobatic skills and even swim with them.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Turtle Breeding Centre

Turtle Breeding Centre

An ecological centre on the eastern side of the key, dedicated to the protection and breeding of three types of sea turtle: the loggerhead, the hawksbill and the green turtle.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Marina Marlin and water sport centres

Marina Marlin and water sport centres

Cayo Largo offers some unique water-sport opportunities due to its sea beds, among some of the best protected in the Caribbean, large coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks, a wealth of biodiversity and the nearby keys of Iguana, Cantiles and Rico.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Paraiso beach

Paraiso beach

Situated towards the western part of the key, this is the longest beach on Cayo Largo del Sur. Stretching for 7.5 km and surrounded by rocks, giving those who enjoy its choppy, warm waters the impression that they are swimming off a desert island. On more than one occasion it has won the Travellers' Choice award as one of the world's top beaches according to the reviews posted on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Sirena beach

Sirena beach

Calm waters, a vast expanse of fine white sands and abundant plantations of coconut palms make Playa Sirena many visitors' favourite beach on this beautiful islet. Situated on the western side of Cayo Largo del Sur, its position protects it from the wind and waves. You can also enjoy swimming and interacting with dolphins as the appropriate conditions for this activity have been created.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Cienfuegos


This French heritage city, called the Pearl of Southern Cuba, is famed for its beautiful architecture and how it blends in with the natural surroundings of the bay it hugs and the nearby Sierra del Escambray mountains.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: La Habana

La Habana

The island’s capital is a magnificent universe spanning 500 years of history. A city where architecture, art and popular culture show the complex and beautiful side of Cuba.

Atractivos en Cayo Largo: Isla de la Juventud

Isla de la Juventud

Discovered in 1494 by the Admiral Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World, this is the largest island in the archipelago of Los Canarreos. Visitors are captivated by the natural beauty of its land and sea. The Ecological Reserve of Punta Francés, on the south-west coast, boasts superb beaches, water sport activities and excursions.