Eventos en Cienfuegos - Casa de Las Américas Literary Award
22 JAN

Casa de Las Américas Literary Award

Every year, the best of the Latin American literary world comes to Cienfuegos. Prestigious figures and various cultural events celebrate the passion for literature.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - 129th Anniversary of the Teatro Tomas Terry, Terry Award
10 FEB

129th Anniversary of the Teatro Tomas Terry, Terry Award

As part of the celebrations to commemorate the 128th anniversary of the Tomas Terry theatre, various plays and musical performances will be staged.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Latin American Monologue Festival
12 FEB

Latin American Monologue Festival

The only one of its kind on the island, this festival provides a highly prestigious regional meeting point for the theatre world.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - International Book and Literature Fair
06 MAR

International Book and Literature Fair

Every March, Cienfuegos takes part in the great book and reading festival in Cuba with sales, book launches and talks with writers and publishers.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Cienfuegos culture day
22 APR

Cienfuegos culture day

The entire city of Cienfuegos puts on a great display to welcome the traditional spring celebrations. Concerts, exhibitions, cultural events and screenings commemorate the rich historical legacy so treasured by the city.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - XI International Paulo Freire Conference
01 MAY

XI International Paulo Freire Conference

Exchange programmes operate in both the urban and rural communities and education centres within the area of Cienfuegos to share advancements in education and developments in the Cuban education system and its implementation within the community.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Intangible heritage workshop
20 MAY

Intangible heritage workshop

The main celebrations of the traditional local festivals in the Fishing Community of Castillo de Jagua are held during the month of May. The snapper fishing competition, known as the ‘Corrida del Pargo’, and the typical food competition make this event the only one of its kind in the country.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Summer Party
27 JUN

Summer Party

Popular groups and soloists perform over several days in different squares around the town.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Cienfuegos World Heritage Site Day
13 JUL

Cienfuegos World Heritage Site Day

Art exhibitions are held at this timeto showcase the unique characteristics of the city of Cienfuegos, as well as concerts featuring young talent.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Cienfuegos Carnival
07 AUG

Cienfuegos Carnival

Carnival is a time for celebration. An opportunity to enjoy the best of Cuban music and local traditions.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Rockasol 2019 National Festival
12 SEP

Rockasol 2019 National Festival

Lovers of rock have their own festival this month. An event that brings the best local bands together with Cuban and international guests.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Benny Moré Festival
01 NOV

Benny Moré Festival

A festival to celebrate the greatest musicians from Cienfuegos and their unique musical legacy.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Hispanarte Event
04 DEC

Hispanarte Event

Sponsored by the Joel Zamora Flamenco Dance Academy, this event offers children and young people the opportunity to bring out the Spanish roots of Cuban culture, where the public can enjoy a range of performances by this dance company.

Eventos en Cienfuegos - Procession of La Purísima
08 DEC

Procession of La Purísima

This famous procession departs from the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción, in homage to the city's patron saint, in an annual event that attracts the faithful and devout.