The unrivalled attractions of the Bahía de Naranjo natural park make it truly special. Stunning beaches, bioparks, routes and paths through mountain landscapes and plant and wildlife reserves are ideal for nature lovers. The wealth of history and culture in the eastern part of the island can be found in the nearby cities of Holguín and Santiago de Cuba.

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Atractivos en Holguín: Dolphin Pool in Holguín

Dolphin Pool in Holguín

A special place where you can delight in dolphins’ acrobatic skills and even swim with them.

Atractivos en Holguín: Cayo Saetía

Cayo Saetía

At the entrance to Nipe Bay, this is the largest key in the Cuban archipelago. 65% of its 42 km² of surface area is covered in natural forests which provide a habitat in which various species of exotic animals, such as antelope, zebra and deer, roam freely. It boasts a dozen small pristine beaches.

Atractivos en Holguín: Cayo Naranjo

Cayo Naranjo

One of the three small keys located in Bahía de Naranjo, where visitors can enjoy the dolphinarium and tour the zoo-aquarium.

Atractivos en Holguín: Bahía de Naranjo Natural Park

Bahía de Naranjo Natural Park

This vast and well-preserved natural landscape invites visitors to discover the region’s ecological riches. An ideal place to learn about its residents’ traditions.

Atractivos en Holguín: Esmeralda Beach

Esmeralda Beach

The green mountains meet the intense blue of the sea at the aptly named Esmeralda (Emerald) Beach, a beautiful natural inlet where you can swim in an extraordinarily peaceful setting.

Atractivos en Holguín: BioParque Rocazul

BioParque Rocazul

Located on the west coast of Naranjo Bay, this wonderful natural park is ideal for hiking, wildlife viewing, plant observation and water activities including scuba diving and snorkelling. You can try the region’s typical dishes on the Monte Bello estate or at Casa de Compay Kike.

Atractivos en Holguín: Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

You can enjoy an unforgettable swim with the friendly dolphins of the Cayo Naranjo recreation park located in the middle of peaceful Bahia de Naranjo (Naranjo Bay).

Atractivos en Holguín: Chorro de Maíta

Chorro de Maíta

A historic and cultural site with some of the most important Taino-culture finds in Cuba.

Atractivos en Holguín: City of Banes

City of Banes

This beautiful city opens onto the vast Nipe Bay, one of the most exquisite and breath-taking landscapes in the eastern part of the island. Its unique architecture and cultural traditions linked to the sea make it an extremely attractive place for tourism.

Atractivos en Holguín: Town of Gibara

Town of Gibara

Known as the White Town of Cuba, Gibara has a wealth of traditions linked to the sea and hosts the Humberto Solás Film Festival every year.

Atractivos en Holguín: City of Holguín

City of Holguín

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba, it is also known as the City of Parks. Its sites of cultural and historical interest are numerous. Every year it hosts the famous May Romerías, a young art festival on the island.

Atractivos en Holguín: Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

The Carlos de la Torre y Huerta Museum in the city of Holguín provides an overview of Cuba's nature, especially in the north-eastern region. It contains excellent collections of the island’s native species.

Atractivos en Holguín: Baní Indo-Cuban Museum

Baní Indo-Cuban Museum

This original museum in the centre of the city of Banes, very close to Nipe Bay, houses the largest collection of native culture in Cuba, including ritual and domestic objects of great value.

Atractivos en Holguín: Bariay National Monument Park

Bariay National Monument Park

This stunning natural landscape reminds us of the place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492, the year when the American and European worlds met.

Atractivos en Holguín: Loma de la Cruz

Loma de la Cruz

A must-visit and pilgrimage stop in the city of Holguín, the Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross) affords one of the most sublime views in this important city in eastern Cuba.

Atractivos en Holguín: Catedral de San Isidro

Catedral de San Isidro

Located on the street called Calle Libertad in the city of Holguín, it’s a religious place of worship for the Catholic Church. The main attraction of the cathedral’s Moorish interiors is the carefully carved original wooden ceilings, certainly the most beautiful of all the Mudéjar-style ceilings still found in the city.

Atractivos en Holguín: Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Known as the most Caribbean city on the island, Santiago radiates joy and rhythm. The joy of its people, the beauty of its architecture and its rich history make it a must-visit in the eastern part of the country.