The colonial town of Trinidad is a must-visit on your travels through Cuba. Stroll through its cobbled streets, discover its sights and soak up the beauty of its buildings. And for nature lovers, the Sierra del Escambray is just a few minutes from the city. A whole range of attractions that should definitely make it onto your visit list!

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Atractivos en Trinidad: Ancón Beach

Ancón Beach

Stunning, peaceful slice of sea 12 km to the south of Trinidad. Its year-round warm waters are home to excellent seabeds where you can see a coral reef teeming with life and a substantial archaeological reserve where numerous pirate and corsair ships and galleons lie. With over 20 dive sites, the area is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving fans.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Topes de Collantes Natural Park

Topes de Collantes Natural Park

Ecological reserve 800 metres above sea level and around 20 kilometres from the city de Trinidad. Covering an area of 110 km², the park has several caves, rivers and waterfalls, including Caburní Waterfall. Its excellent weather conditions and relatively isolated geographical location have resulted in a high number of endemic plant and wildlife species.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Casa de la Música

Casa de la Música

The long, wide flight of steps of this ‘House of Music’ is famous among this city’s visitors. Home to a welcoming bar affording an exceptional view of the Trinidad coastline, it’s a great place to enjoy local music ensembles. At night you can dance danzón (considered the national dance) and the rhythmical son, one of the roots of the famous Cuban salsa.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Disco Ayala

Disco Ayala

Discover this unusual nightclub inside a cave. It’s a perfect choice for a night out with a difference accompanied by delicious cocktails, a variety of shows and the best music.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Escambray Rebellion Museum in the Bell Tower

Escambray Rebellion Museum in the Bell Tower

A cultural institution in the former Monastery and Church of St Francis of Assisi on one side of Plaza Mayor. It now preserves the history of the military corps created by the Cuban Revolution to fight against counterrevolutionary groups in the central region of Cuba from 1959 to 1965. This war was called the Escambray Rebellion or the Struggle Against the Bandits.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Iznaga Tower

Iznaga Tower

Main attraction of the Manaca-Iznaga plantation in the Valle de los Ingenios. The 18th-century architectural buildings are some of the main examples of the Trinidad colonial style. The house, part of the slaves’ living quarters, and the 45 m tall tower used as a lookout are still standing. One of the most famous traditions in Trinidad takes place here: the sale of typical fabrics and embroidery from the area.

Atractivos en Trinidad: La Canchánchara Bar

La Canchánchara Bar

This is one of the most famous bars in Trinidad where the region’s emblematic cocktail is served. Sugar cane honey and rum are mixed with lemon juice to create a drink in a class of its own. You can also enjoy some of the best traditional trova music in central Cuba here.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Municipal History Museum in Cantero Palace

Municipal History Museum in Cantero Palace

Housed in the Cantero family’s mansion, this museum is home to objects, artworks and documents from several of Trinidad’s historical periods. The collection takes visitors on an amazing journey through five centuries of history.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Parish Church of the Holy Trinity

Parish Church of the Holy Trinity

Emblematic building overlooking Plaza Mayor with an unusual history of collapses and rebuilds. Battered by cyclones and storms and attacked by corsairs and pirates, it has been remodelled into the church it is today: one of the largest and oldest in the country.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Romantic Museum in Brunet Palace

Romantic Museum in Brunet Palace

This original museum, one of the most significant in the country, is in Brunet Palace, the former home of one of the wealthiest families in the region. Displayed in its rooms are the exquisite decor and typical furnishings of the principal families in Trinidad’s golden age.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Trinidad’s Plaza Mayor

Trinidad’s Plaza Mayor

The city’s hub for history, culture and way of life. All Trinidad’s streets lead to this small yet charming main square. The construction and adornment features of the mansions standing around it beckon visitors to Cuba’s museum city to discover fascinating stories.

Atractivos en Trinidad: Valle de los Ingenios

Valle de los Ingenios

Designated a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, the valley was the successful location of large sugar cane plantations that reached their pinnacle in Cuba from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Over the years, several of its houses and mills around 13 km from the city of Trinidad have been preserved.