Salsa & Sun

Salsa & Sun
  • From: 2020-10-12      Up to: 2020-10-17
  • Location: Sol Palmeras

From 12 to 17 October 2020, Sol Palmeras beachfront resort in Varadero will be hosting the first instalment of Festival de Salsa (Salsa Festival). This inclusive, non-competitive festival brings together a series of themed events that celebrate Cuban salsa, including Fiesta de Antifaces (Masked Party), Fiesta de Sol (Sun Party), Pool White Party, Fiesta Cubana (Cuban Party), Fiesta La Bella Época (Belle Époque Party) and a total of 22 activities spit into nine different categories, as well as a Rueda de Casino Gigante (a Cuban variant of salsa), and culminating in a grand finale. The festival will also feature alternative Cuban and Caribbean beats, including: cumbia, merengue, bachata, son, mambo, cha cha chá and rumba, giving participants the chance to discover a wealth of Cuban music.


Main Festival activities:
1. Masked Party: Lounge bar or outdoor stage.
2. Sun Party: Beach bar
3. Pool White Party: Pool
4. Cuban Party: Marino restaurant area
5. Peña de Ruedas de Casino: Lower lobby, opposite the games room or in the lobby
6. Belle Époque Party: smokers’ terrace
7.¡BAILA CONMIGO! (Dance with me!) competition
8. Rueda de Casino Gigante: Beach bar
9. Grand Finale: - Foam party on the beach.

Time Activity Location
17:00 hrs. - Welcome meeting and group photo Pool
20:00 hrs. - Peña de Ruedas de Casinos Lobby
21:30 hrs. - Masked Party
22:15 hrs. - Latin Show
23:00 hrs. - Fun pub
12:30 hrs. - Masterclasses Beach
13:00 hrs. - Live music Marino Gardens
14:00 hrs. - Live music
15:30 hrs. - Cuban Club / Cuban rum tasting
17:00 hrs. - Masterclasses Pool
20:00 hrs. - Peña de Ruedas de Casino Lobby
21:30 hrs. - Pool White Party + Aqua Ballet
22:15 hrs. - White Party
23:00 hrs. - Fun pub
09:30 hrs. - Areíto Cubano (a Cuban ceremonial dance) Beach
11:30 hrs. - Cuban Master Chef Recipes Beach
12:00 hrs. - Cuban Zumba + Deseo Papalote (Papalote dance event) Beach
12:30 hrs. - Cuban Conga lesson Beach
13:00 hrs. - Guateque Campesino (traditional Cuban rural celebration) / Cuban food tasting experience Marino Gardens
15:30 hrs. - Cuban club, Canchánchara (traditional Cuban cocktail) and percussion
16:00 hrs. - Cuban Party Pool
17:00 hrs. - Chancletas (Cuban dance) + Rumba demo class Pool
20:00 hrs. - Belle Époque Party / Reservation-only Event with Rum and Habano Cigars. Maridaje (taste pairing) show and sale Lobby
21:30 hrs. - Live music to dance to
22:15 hrs. - Cuban show
23:00 hrs. - Fun pub
12:30 hrs. - Masterclasses
15:30 hrs. - Cuban Club. Cuban arts and crafts
17:00 hrs. - Blancaribe Sunset on the beach
20:00 hrs. - Live music to dance to Lobby
21:30 hrs. -¡Baila Conmigo! Dance competition
22:15 hrs. - Professional show or Varadero Casa de la Música (Cuban music and dance)
23:00 hrs. - Fun pub
12:30 hrs. - Danzón (traditional Cuban dance) lesson Beach
15:30 hrs. - Cuban Club. Cuban deities
17:00 hrs. - Rueda de Casino Gigante Pool
20:00 hrs. - Peña de ruedas de Casino + Show Lobby
21:30 hrs. - Gran Conga Cubana (Cuban Conga variant)
22:15 hrs. - Final beach party. Grand Finale prize draw
23:00 hrs. - FunFub