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Camaguey Guide

The city of churches

With its peculiar layout, the historic centre of Camagüey is a large maze where you run the risk of getting lost… voluntarily. It is home to wonderful temples, colonial mansions and its famous clay pots.


Casanova’s clay

The Casanova Workshop keeps the pottery traditions of Camagüey alive. In a city which has the red roofs and “tinajón” pots for storing water as icons, this skill has been passed down from generation to generation. The Casanova Family is a great example of a life dedicated to craftsmanship that goes beyond just creating a work in clay. Travellers can visit this space and make their own “tinajón” while talking with the Casanova family, from the parents to the children.

Camagüey Ballet: a star of the dance art in Cuba

Since its foundation in 1967, the Camagüey Ballet has never stopped taking its art to places all over the world. The repertoire includes more than 250 works, approximately 120 of them in a contemporary style. Its headquarters are near the Casino Campestre and are open to visitors throughout the week, including both the company's facilities and rehearsals.

Martha Jiménez workshop: popular culture becomes art

An artist who manages to masterfully portray the traditions and legends of historic Camagüey. Entering his workshop is like entering a magical world in which materials and tools strike up a conversation with local stories and legends. Next to the popular Plaza del Carmen, you can chat with Martha and learn how some of the dreams of the people in this city are created out of clay and bronze.

Stroll along Calle República

Visit the most famous seafront promenade in the city. Currently a pedestrian promenade, it acts as a boulevard full of art galleries, small stores, cultural centres, restaurants, bars and cafés. Visitors can meet the locals while entering the historic centre, or simply stop to chat or read while enjoying a cocktail or an aromatic coffee in one of the beautiful interior patios in the city.

The nights of Camagüey

Serene and calm, they invite you to experience all of the attractions of a city famous for its cultural and artistic wealth. On the República Street boulevard or next to Ignacio Agramonte Park, visitors will find plenty of choices of music in bars and nightclubs, as well as in the popular Casa de la Trova. The people of Camagüey usually meet in its parks and squares to chat about everything, while the Calle de los Cines (Cinema Street) has a choice of movies to enjoy.
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The House of Nicolás Guillén

Casino Campestre Park

Santa Cecilia Convention Centre

Historic centre

San Juan de Dios Galleries

La Calle de los Cines

Limones-Tuabaquey Ecological Reserve

Ignacio Agramonte Museum

Ignacio Agramonte Park

Maceo Park

Martí Park

Santa Lucía Beach

Plaza de la Revolución Square

Plaza de la Solidaridad Square and La Soledad Church (Our Lady of Solitude)

Plaza de los Trabajadores Square

Plaza del Carmen

Plaza San Juan de Dios

Ejo Project

Rancho King

Santiago de Cuba

Main Theatre

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